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Hi Guys

We are developing a new QRS website and need some input from our members on a new tagline that captures our ethos of QRS that we can display on our website for 2024.

I could not recall if we ever had one previously.

So far, we have narrowed the choices down to the following:

  1. "Launching Dreams, One Rocket at a Time."
  2. "Ignite Your Curiosity, Propel Your Passion."
  3. "Elevating Innovations, Surpassing the Stratosphere."
  4. "Blast Off into a World of Discovery."
  5. "Where Engineering Meets the Cosmos."
  6. "Sky's Not the Limit, It's Our Playground."
  7. "Fueling Aspirations, Achieving Altitudes."
  8. "Join the Countdown to Infinite Possibilities."
  9. "Crafting Tomorrow's Rockets, Exploring Tomorrow's Frontiers."
  10. "Soaring Beyond Boundaries, Together."
I do know that it just helps round off the page. Please let me know if any of these or combinations of such appeal to you.
Number 6. on this list is the current favourite - but please do not let that dissuade you, and do NOT feel constrained by being from another club or organisation to offer your suggestion or comment.
My personal favourite of "Further, Faster and Higher" did not even make the final 10.

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Where did the top ten list come from?

Anyway, of the 10 you list, then my top 3 in descending order, would be 2, 1, 6. 


Alternate suggestions:

"To finite heights, and not beyond!"

"Ascending to Tomorrow"

"Rocketry - Where the Big Bang is NOT a Theory!"



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LenForsyth reacted
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Love your creativity,


Sadly my top 10 was a AI generated list that was circulated to other executive members. ( I had to start somewhere)


I am however not sure about the “Big Bang” choice for reasons of technical accuracy. I thought we all knew that rockets don’t explode - they simply over-pressurise 😀 .


Catch you on the launch pad…


Len Forsyth 

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