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[Solved] Higher Altitude Flights

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If I recall correctly, the flight ceiling for the Cedar Grove launch site is 5000 feet. Is there a protocol for launching above this height (Other than waiting for another Thunda Down Under)?

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@evanthomas You are correct, the ceiling at Jimboomba is 5000 ft. The club does share a high altitude site west of Brisbane and north of Goondiwindi with a commercial operation. As you can understand, the commercial operators will have priority over an amateur rocketry club. However, we have sourced another site and have approval from the landowner to launch rockets there. The next steps will be to work with CASA to have windows available for high altitude flights and also spend some time on the ground to determine the site's suitability for high power rockets. 

Still a long way to go and I cant give you any timeframes. Keep in mind that Victoria and Western Australia have ceilings higher than we have access to at the moment in Queensland if you are up for a road trip.

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